Artist Profile

Meredith W. McPherson


ARTWORKS Archetypal symbolism inspired by Shang Dynasty (circa 16th - 11th centuries BCE) Oracle Bone Inscriptions and brushed in Chinese ink on handmade papers.

BACKGROUND The People's Republic of China and I share a birth date in 1949. Growing up in western Pennsylvania, I remember hearing a prophetic message, “If you dig a hole deep enough in the earth, you'll come out in China.” Indeed.

COLLECTIONS Private, corporate & museum collections in the Americas, Europe, & Asia.

EXHIBITIONS Numerous group & solo exhibitions in USA, Canada, & China.

HONORS My highest honors live within mentoring moments shared with Master Liang Zongheng in Nanjing China and Professor I-Hsiung Ju from Princeton New Jersey. Professor Ju led me to the threshold of Chinese Calligraphy; Master Liang guided me into the sacred realm of calligraphic symbolism.

EDUCATION I have unearthed many treasures in excavating that hole leading from Pennsylvania to China. From pre-law at the University of South Carolina to professional tailoring in Frankfurt Germany. From a BS in Interior Design at the University of Alabama to a sculptor's apprenticeship in Heilbronn Germany. From a master calligrapher's apprenticeship with Liang Zongheng in Nanjing China to etymology research in Sedona Arizona, Point Roberts Washington, Evans Georgia, and Rio Rancho New Mexico. Each early creative pursuit yielded a handful of clay forming an empty cup in which to pour the Tea of Learning.