Selected Chinese Calligraphy
& Painting Studies

Meredith W. McPherson

2012 Splash Ink with Watercolor   Ming Franz
New Mexico Art League
Albuquerque NM

2006 Chinese Calligraphy   Wai-Yin Lau
Chinese Cultural Centre
Richmond BC Canada

2005 -
Chinese Painting   Sheila Chao
Burnaby BC Canada

2003 Chinese Painting & Western Watercolors   Lian Zhen, Sedona Arts Center Sedona AZ

1995 -
Shang Dynasty Oracle Bone Inscriptions, Origins & Etymology of Chinese Characters, Chinese Art & Calligraphy

  Studies in AZ and WA mentored by
I-Hsiung Ju & Liang Zongheng
Princeton NJ & Nanjing China
1994 -
Chinese Calligraphy Apprenticeship:
Philosophy, Language, Culture & Art History.   Masters, Tools & Techniques of Chinese Painting & Calligraphy

  Master Liang Zongheng &
Professor Chang Guowu
Nanjing China
1993 &
Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy
Study Tour

I-Hsiung Ju, Art Academies
The People's Republic of China
1987 -
Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy I-Hsiung Ju, The Art Farm
Lexington VA

1987 -
Chinese Calligraphy Chang Yi, Smithsonian
Washington DC

1989 Chinese Painting & Calligraphy

  Diana Kan, Smithsonian
Washington DC

1988 Fall of the Ming Through Chinese Poets' Eyes Jan Stuart, Smithsonian
Washington DC

1988 Chinese & Japanese Calligraphy   Soo Kim Gordon, Arise Imports
Washington DC

1988 Chinese & Japanese Brush Painting   Won Pak
Alexandria VA

1987 - 1988 Chinese Brush Painting   Ming Friedman
Fairfax VA

1987 Rice Paper Mounting & Silk Scroll Mounting   I-Hsiung Ju, The Art Farm
Lexington VA