Ancient Chinese Scripts
Jiaguwen 甲骨文 Oracle Bone Script, etched on tortoise shells and animal bones, was used for royal divination during the Shang Dynasty c. 1500 – 1000 BCE.
Jinwen 金文 Bronze Script, inscribed on cast bronze artifacts such as ritual wine vessels, bells, and cauldrons, dates from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties c. 1500 – 256 BCE.
Zhuanshu 篆書 Seal Script, became the standard formal script during the Qin Dynasty c. 221 – 207 BCE unification of China and its written language.
Lishu 隸書 Official/Clerical Script, which appeared c. 500 BCE, was used by government bureaucrats as a fast and efficient script until the Jin Dynasty c. 265 – 420 CE.

Spear and Shield Contradiction

金文   30 x 20"

Father and Mother United

甲骨文   30 x 20"

Echo of the Ancient Ones

甲骨文   30 x 20"

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

金文   18 x 14"

Black and White

金文   24 x 24"

Dynamic Balance

甲骨文   24 x 18"


甲骨文   24 x 6"

Fly Me to the Moon

篆書   30 x 20"

Take a Look

甲骨文   24 x 6"

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