Modern Chinese Scripts
Caoshu 草書 Grass/Cursive Script, mostly a purely artistic, calligraphic style, developed as a cursive form of Clerical Script during the Han Dynasty c. 206 – 220 CE.
Kaishu 楷書 Standard Script, the traditional script used today, appeared toward the end of the Han Dynasty c. 220 CE and reached full maturity in the early Tang Dynasty c. 618 – 907 CE.
Xingshu 行書 Running Script, a cursive version of Standard Script used mostly for handwriting, appeared shortly after the Han Dynasty c. 220 CE.
Jianti Zi 簡體字 Simplified Characters, introduced by PR China in 1949 CE to replace the traditional Standard Script characters, in an attempt to increase literacy.

This Above All...

楷/行書   30 x 10"

Serenity Now!

楷書   24 x 24"

Once Upon a Time

行書   24 x 6"

Ink Is Its Own Magic

草書   24 x 18"

Enter the Dragon

草書   30 x 24"

In Perfect Harmony

行書   16 x 12"

Fallling Water

甲骨文   20 x 16"

Yūgen: Subtle and Profound

草書   24 x 24"

It's Chemistry

行書   30 x 20

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